The vibrant colours and positive themes in her artwork are a true reflection of the personality of Brisbane-based artist Diane McDonald.

Diane has enjoyed a life-long love affair with art and has revelled in being able to turn her attention  to her passion on a full-time basis.

She works from her home studio in the foothills of The Gap, taking inspiration from the leafy natural surrounds and life itself.

"I love colour - it always makes you feel happy and the world needs more of that," Diane said. "There is enough doom and gloom out there. I like to see the positives in the world - I always have and always will."

Indeed, it was her uplifting attitude that helped Diane through two serious fights against different cancers, where art proved a wonderful tonic.

"Working at my art was something that I always wanted to do but life takes you in different directions," she said. "It is a wonderful thing to discover who you really are and pour out the creative things that you have held inside you for so long."

Diane has a deep fascination and love of Australian landscapes, which is often reflected in her works. From day trips to longer holidays, everything she sees is a potential artwork in the making.

A prolific producer of works in the studio, Diane continues to expand her creativity by engaging with peers of national and international renown.

"The arts world is just wonderful to be involved in, and I always look at it as a privilege to be able to produce pieces that have a deeply personal connection for so many people," Diane said.


East of Eden

East of Eden